Corporate Social Responsbility

We are committed to a corporate style of sustainable development, keeping in mind the future generation and society at large. We imbibe all our team members with a sense for contributing to a better tomorrow.

Sustainable development means using and contributing to the resource keeping in mind that the best interest of our future generations and the world, it is important that we make an impact on the future with every decision that we take today.

As a company in the power sector we generate renewable energy which adds values and quality to the society, we realize efforts to conserve energy in a economically growing nation can be tough some job. This is where DEPL as a company with foresight is in the phase of developing new standards, where in information and education can be given out consumer to learn efficient ways to find solutions to conserve and play a important role.

Our transformation and progress to become a sustainable and responsible corporate has begun from the day one, keeping in mind various players that influence like investors, consumers, employees and society at large. We look forwarded to learn and practice what is learnt to play an important role in the future.