Ankaling Hydro Electric Project

    • Hydrology

      Nargum River, a tributary of Dhansiri river originates in Himalayan range at an elevation of 3700m and flows mostly in West- Easterly direction. River is Perennial in nature.

      The catchment area at the diversion site is 243.9 km2.

      This part of catchment is both rain fed and partly snow melt.

      CWC discharge data available for 20 years.

      Design discharge is 14.82 Cumecs

    • Location

      Ankaling village, Near Kalaktang , West kameng District , Arunachal Pradesh. Power House Location 27˚03’56.74”N , 92˚08’05.38”EN

    • Capacity

      18 MW (3 x 6 MW )

    • Scheme Components

      Trench Weir, Spill way, Under Sluice, Head Regulator, Conveyance Channel, Desilting Chambers, Head Race Tunnel, Surge Shaft, Pen Stock, Adits, Power House, Tail Race Channel, Francis Turbines Coupled with Synchronous Generator, Switch Yard and other controlling accessories.

    • Hydraulic Turbines

      Type :Vertical Francis

      Design Head :144 M

      FRL at Barrage Intake - 849.2 M

      Max. Tail Water Level - 703.0 M

      Minimum Tail Water Level - 1575.00 m

      Min Net Head - 137.25 M

      Design Discharge - 14.82 Cumecs

    • Expected Generation

      75.02 MU of Clean Power in 75% dependable year.

    • Project Outlay

      Rs.160 Cr including Power Evacuation

    • Power evacuation

      25 km of 132 KV line to be terminated at the nearest substation at Bomdila.

    • Sale of power

      Entire power to be sold to Power Trader.

    • Status

      Under Execution.